Public Speaking Anxiety

We help clients get past their fears and teach them to embrace the process of public speaking.  When clients learn to embrace public speaking they can overcome obstacles to professional development and free themselves up in social situations. When our clients feel free of fear they are able to share their ideas with others. Our practice works with range of individuals ranging from those looking to sharpen their skills to others who are completely avoidant of public speaking.

Clients acquire effective tools and effective approaches so the days leading up to a speech are filled with positive excitement instead of dread. Using a collaborative approach we move at a pace that works for each individual.


  • Partial or total avoidance of public speaking opportunities.
  • Excessive anticipatory anxiety leading up to public speaking event.
  • Physical symptoms such as excess sweating and reddening of the face.
  • Excessive worry that physical symptoms will be apparent to audience.
  • Excessive worry about performance and perception of being judged negatively.

Effective Solutions

Phobias are treated by teaching individuals effective cognitive and coping tools that help them challenge their fear and avoidance.

  • State-of-the-art virtual reality therapy is used to help clients reduce their anxiety and avoidance in the face of their fears.
  • Clients are taught how to best manage their anxiety through mindfulness, relaxation, breathing techniques, and cognitive reframing.
  • Exposure therapy is implemented to lessen the fear associated with public speaking. Clients gain confidence by using new coping skills as they engage in behavioral challenges (in and outside of the office).

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