Corporate Consultation

Business performance demands a focus and determination that is similar to that needed in athletics. BTNY works with clients in goal setting, organizational skills, attentional focus and public speaking. Similar to athletes, the business performer is taught to develop an approach or game plan to work that can increase productivity, involvement and job satisfaction.

CBT approaches can help clients conquer fear of public speaking so they can take the next step in their careers.

BTNY works with clients in goal setting, organizational skills, attentional focus and public speaking.

Additionally, check out our Peak Performance website to read more about what you can do to be in control of your performance.

Solutions for Individuals

  • Self-Leadership and Organization
  • Tools for Public Speaking Performance
  • Stress-management Tools
  • Tools for organization and efficiency
  • Biofeedback for physiological regulation and improved focus

Solutions for Organizations

  • Stress Management Workshop
  • Leadership and Group Organization Workshop

Stress Management Workshop

“Behavior Therapy of New York provided us with a Stress Management workshop that was filled with educational, fun, relaxing, informative and fulfilling activities. Rob, Erik and Marilyn provided something for everybody and helped make the corporate wellness day such a success. We look forward to working with them in the near future!”

Ann, New York Office Manager, ContourGlobal

Successful organizations find great benefits in stress management training for its employees and management team. Like any good team, business organizations must seek an optimal level of stress in order to maintain creativity and productivity. Our stress management program can help improve the mental and physical health of employees. Fewer missed work days are just one benefit from mastering tools to manage stress. Research also shows improved work relationships and job satisfaction.

Behavior Therapy of New York offers a dynamic stress management presentation that includes interactive group activities, biofeedback assisted learning tools and power point presentation. Participants will quickly learn strategies to reduce stress and acquire tools that can last a lifetime.

Executive Leadership Workshop

Dr. Udewitz teams with Dr. Bruce Anspach in working with business organizations. Crucial aspects of group dynamics are discussed and leadership skills are taught to management executives. This presentation involves multiple group activities in a dynamic learning environment.

Dr. Anspach consults with the Columbia University School of Business corporate training program where he presents this workshop to corporate executives. Lunch time, half-day or full day stress management workshops are available to cater to your organization’s needs.

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