Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can affect every facet of our lives making it seem like our world is becoming smaller and smaller.

Many of our clients who otherwise perform at extremely high levels are held back by the fear of having a panic attack. We see clients who are avoiding places and situations where they fear a panic attack might occur. Some of these places include the subway, airplanes, movie theaters, restaurants, and elevators. Avoiding these situations adds an entirely new layer of stress and complications to their lives.

Located in midtown Manhattan, Behavior Therapy of New York provides practical psychological tools to treat panic attacks and panic disorder by combining cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and biofeedback approaches.

 Effective Solutions

  • Clients gain an understanding of the psychological and physiological causes of their panic attacks.
  • Clients learn to manage the discomfort of Panic Attacks and reduce symptoms using mindfulness training, breathing techniques, cognitive coping skills.
  • Clients gain freedom in their lives through behavioral techniques such as gradual exposure to places and situations associated with panic symptoms. Clients are given the tools to feel in control during these behavioral exercises that might include sessions performed outside of the office.

Characteristics of Panic Attacks

  • Recurrent unexpected panic attacks that create great physical and psychological discomfort.
  • Panic attacks can include symptoms but not limited to heart palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, depersonalization, and fear of dying.
  • Panic Disorder is commonly associated with agoraphobia, which involves avoidance of places where a panic attack may occur.

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