Anger Management / Oppositionalism

Anger Management and Oppositionalism are some of the biggest challenges that parents have to face with their children. These problems are often correlated with a child’s difficulties in relating to people in his or her environment.

Children may exhibit anger outbursts when they are depressed, making assessment and proper diagnosis crucial. Anger outbursts are more common for young children and generally dissipate through childhood. Sometimes children continue to struggle with their anger and Cognitive Behavior Therapy may be helpful. Cognitive Behavior Therapy approaches help children identify the thoughts they have about situations and how these thoughts are correlated with their anger. Children can then learn to improve their “feeling vocabulary” so they can communicate more effectively. Children that exhibit excessive anger and opposition may often feel like they are not being “heard.” Therapy helps them improve their communication skills so they are more likely to be “heard” by family and friends.

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