Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual reality is a new and exciting area of treatment in mental health. Clients are able to confront phobias in the comfort and convenience of the office setting.

State of the art equipment combined with therapist guidance teaches clients to reduce anxiety and panic around feared stimuli. Treatment protocols are individually tailored to each client’s level of comfort surrounding their fear. The virtual reality experience acts as a bridge to the actual experience allowing the client a greater feeling of control in the therapeutic process. Behavior Therapy of New¬†York has helped clients using virtual reality with phobias, some of which include flying, needles, public speaking, insects, heights, dogs.

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Virtual Reality Therapy for Fear of Flying

We incorporate virtual reality to help people overcome phobias.
Here’s a video highlighting treatment for fear of flying. Ask us more more about how we help clients get over fear of flying and other phobias.

Posted by Behavior Therapy of New York on Tuesday, September 20, 2016