Biofeedback is a fun treatment technique in which children are trained to improve their mental and physical health by using signals from their own bodies. We use it to help tense and anxious kids learn to relax, reduce worry, cope with pain and improve focus.


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Posted by Behavior Therapy of New York on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Most parents have used biofeedback with their children without realizing it. Taking their weight on a scale or their temperature are both forms of biofeedback that provide them with information about children’s body. Using this information they are able to choose behaviors that may change their weight if it is a problem or reduce their temperature if they have a fever.

Psychologists use sophisticated biofeedback instruments that allow children to “see” subtle changes in physiological activity. The computerized programs act like a mirror that allows kids to understand how they react to external and internal stressors. External stressors may include academic or social pressure, while internal stressors are often children’s own thoughts and perceptions of situations. When kids gain an understanding of how their bodies react in subtle ways they are better equipped to change their responses that cause stress, pain and emotional discomfort.

Children quickly become proficient at changing responses like breathing patterns, heart rate, muscle tension, and brain wave activity. The psychologist acts like a coach, offering strategies and techniques that guide them to better health and performance.

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We make learning to regulate anxiety and stress fun for kids by combining biofeedback with games they can enjoy.