Repetitive Behaviors

Many individuals seek treatment for repetitive habits they feel compelled to enact that have become problematic in their daily lives.

Repetitive behaviors include:

  • Excessive nail biting, skin picking, eye blinking, hair pulling, hair twirling, body rocking, throat clearing, vocal or motor tics, and other nervous habits.
  • It may be time to treat a repetitive behavior when it interferes with daily activities or causes distress or bodily harm.

Effective Solutions

Problematic repetitive behaviors can be reduced if the individual wants the behaviors to stop and is highly motivated for treatment.

  • Individuals are taught new relaxation methods through mindfulness, muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, and Biofeedback.
  • Cognitive therapy techniques can reduce nervous habits by teaching the individual helpful thought strategies to increase confidence, develop new perspectives, and decrease anxiety and boredom.
  • Behavior therapy techniques are used to significantly decrease repetitive behaviors. These may include keeping logs to become more aware of the behaviors, finding healthier alternative behaviors to replace the habit, and practicing new stress-relieving strategies.

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