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“Dr. Udewitz was extraordinarily helpful in reducing my fear of flying. Over the years, I’d grown increasingly anxious on planes, but after just half a dozen sessions with Dr. Udewitz, I was 90 percent less anxious on the next flight I took. It was incredibly liberating to be able to plan a trip and get on board a plane without all the anxiety I’d grown accustomed to. Nowadays, I feel almost no anxiety whatsoever in the air, and I have Dr. Udewitz to thank. It’s been a big life-changer.”


“I’ve been a client of Behavior Therapy of NY since February. I’m very grateful that an internet search for biofeedback near Grand Central resulted in my being led to their site. I decided to pursue the biofeedback approach after several years of experiencing severe anxiety when on the subway and during public speaking. It had reached a point where it was dominating much of my life and I knew I had to do something about it, but I needed help.

Six months later, I’ve been given the tools, through my therapy with Jessica Masty, to be comfortable with my anxious moments, rather than running away from them or avoiding trigger moments altogether. After years of not taking the subway, I’ve taken it more in the last few months than I had in 5 years. I’ve also given several presentations with the ability to make it through comfortably in spite of my anxiety. I feel more capable of facing my fear and not letting it control me.

I highly recommend Behavior Therapy of NY. What makes them stand apart in my mind, along with their intelligence and knowledge, is the true concern and care they have for their clients. The progress I’ve made in these past few months is due tremendously to the compassionate and skillful therapy I’ve received.”