The group therapy format is an important mode of treatment for social anxiety because it provides opportunities to meet new people, develop conversation skills, practice public speaking in front of an audience, and get feedback on your performance. It is a valuable adjunct to individual treatment. Our social anxiety group meets on Thursday evenings. The sessions have a graduated structure, which helps clients to slowly challenge their social fears and build confidence speaking in public. The following topics are addressed in the therapy group:

If you are interested in participating in our public speaking phobia and social anxiety group please contact Behavior Therapy of New York.

  • Psychoeducation about social anxiety, from a cognitive behavioral perspective
  • Behavioral techniques to help you manage your anxiety
  • Identifying thought patterns that maintain fears and developing cognitive strategies to challenge them
  • Social introductions
  • Small talk and casual conversations
  • Informal speeches (such as giving a toast or speaking briefly at a business meeting)
  • Formal presentations (that might be typical for you in your work setting)
  • Incorporating audience feedback